DEEP & EXTREME Indonesia 2016

DEEP & EXTREME Indonesia 2016
Tanggal: 31 Maret – 3 April 2016
Tempat: JCC Jakarta
DEEP & EXTREME Indonesia 2016
Welcome to 10th anniversary show of DEEP Indonesia 2016. Come and explore! 2016 show will honor the long-loyal participation of Indonesia’s regencies throughout the country. Since the first DEEP Indonesia in 2007, dive destinations in several regency’s areas of Indonesia have been developed increasingly to serve most enthusiast diving and marine tourism market at DEEP Indonesia expo.
This next show, with special theme “Toward the Regencies’ Potential”, DEEP Indonesia 2016 is aimed to build up more dive and marine tourism market and develop their capacity to become one of the world’s best dive and marine tourism destinations.
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PT Exhibition Network Indonesia
Jl. H. Soleh I, No. 1 F, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta, 11560, Indonesia
Phone : + 6221 5328878, +6221 53690165
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